CrossFit Bruin – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

Row or Bike

5-10min @ easy pace


5-10 Sumo Inchworm

8ea Single Leg RDL (no weight)

12ea Single Leg Glute Bridge

12 Alt. Mountain Climbers

12 Hollow Rocks

BB Warm Up 1x 5-10ea:



Bent Over Row

Good Morning

Kang Squat

Metcon (Weight)

Week 10:


Find your 1 RM for the day


20 min Run at your 10k pace

Notes: Yep….we have been working toward running a 10k over the past 10 weeks and although we can’t meet up for the event we can still get out for that run!. Little lead in to the 10k this weekend!

Metcon (No Measure)


Minimal Gear

Utilize the same structure with dumbbells for all movements. If you don’t have the loading for the Deadlift Do 8 x 3 with moderately heavy loading.

Bodyweight Version

5 Rounds:

15 ea. Single Leg Glute Bridge

20 Alt. Mountain Climber

20 Cossack Squat

20 Hollow Rocks

Optional Accessory

20 min Sustained Effort Run, Bike, or Row

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